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Harry and Meghan lose their brand name

London – Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38) may no longer use their brand name “Sussex Royal” from spring onwards. They will also no longer be allowed to call their new charity the Sussex Royal Foundation, a spokesman for the couple announced in London on Friday evening.

British media accused the Queen’s grandson and his wife over the weekend of communicating on the subject in an inappropriate tone.

The couple had announced in January that they would partially withdraw from their royal duties, live mainly in Canada with their nine-month-old son Archie and become financially independent. Later, the couple agreed to a clear break with the royal family. According to this, they renounce the title “Royal Highness” and no longer perform official duties for the royals.

The brand name could have been beneficial to them in terms of new sources of income. The couple has already spent a lot of money to secure the designation “Sussex Royal” for their products, as Royal expert and author Robert Hardman told the BBC on Saturday.

A statement by Harry and Meghan on the subject was felt by some British media between the lines to be inappropriate in its tone towards Queen Elizabeth II (93). For example, the two had stressed that the rule with the royal family on the word “Royal” only applies in Great Britain, but that they will follow it worldwide.

Harry and Meghan are expected in Great Britain on a number of official dates in the coming months. The couple had indicated that they would like to maintain their patronage and continue to campaign in fields such as the Invictus Games for the war-disabled or for equal rights for women.


Antonio Rüdiger after another incident in England: “Racism has won”

Antonio Rüdiger expressed his deep disappointment about renewed racist incidents during the Chelsea FC match against Tottenham. The German international feels left alone.

Munich/London – England’s ex-champion Chelsea international Antonio Rüdiger has expressed his deep disappointment over renewed racist incidents at the Premier League game against Tottenham Hotspur (2-1) on Saturday, when the Blues defender was booed.

“Racism has won! It shows that these people have won because they can go back to the stadium,” said the former Stuttgart resident in a “Sky-Sport” interview after the game.

Rüdiger feels left alone
It doesn’t have to be him, it could be anybody else: “You will not be punished, and at the end of the day I’m the scapegoat.”

He won’t resign, but he feels left alone: “It’s not that I’m giving up or that I’m not raising my voice. I will always raise my voice, but in this respect I am alone.”

Rüdiger had become a father on Thursday, but this fact makes him pensive in view of recent events.

“It’s a catastrophe. I had a baby on Thursday. One thinks. As far as society is today, at the end of the day my child will most likely suffer as well”, said the defence lawyer.

“If no action is taken, if the little children do not get a good education, a good education, a good upbringing from home, then we have lost. That is how honest we must be.”

“No country is in control of anything”
Rüdiger does not accept accusations that not enough is being done against racism in other countries.

“Everyone should look at his own house, because when I was racially insulted in Italy, I always heard “In Italy that’s normal. Everyone should start at home and then talk about others. No country is in control of anything.”

Rüdiger, who scored an unfortunate own goal against Tottenham in the 89th minute, feels support, but that’s not enough. “Support is there, but words and deeds are different,” the 26-year-old stressed.

“At the end of the game, anyone can say: Sorry! But only those who share the same fate as I do can understand it. Whether I do an Instagram or Twitter post, what good does it do? His head is still broken, and mine is too. At the end of the day, you’re alone.”

There will be dead people.
Rüdiger also commented on the racially motivated terrorist attacks in Hanau with a total of eleven deaths: “For me it is the end product! First Torunarigha, then Kwadwo, then there are deaths.”

German professional football had also recently been caught up in racist attacks against dark-skinned players – Herthas Jordan Torunarigha and Leroy Kwadwo of the Würzburg Kickers.