Writing Strategies

alarm clock Cover Page and Cover Letter

1.      Prepare a perfect cover page and an abstract

2.      Don't explain how important the paper is in the cover letter

alarm clock  Introduction

3.      Devote half the writing time to the introduction and conclusion

4.      Get their attention early

5.      The introduction should be two pages or less

6.      Discuss real world examples

7.      Imitate skillful writers

8.      Do not plagiarize

9.      Do not use I

10.  Create a packet of related articles for each paper

11.   Treat others generously

12.   Avoid predominantly citing your own works

13.   Cite the papers of potential referees in the introduction

14.   Give (accurate) credit generously to the most likely referees

15.   Find quotations from well-known authors

16.   Do not be apologetic

  Preparing the Main Body

17.   Prepare a rough outline before writing

18.   Start writing before the paper is finished in your head

19.   Do not read too much

20.   Develop consistent and simple notations

21.   Strike a balance between theory and applications

22.   Divide long paragraphs

23.  Each full page should have more than two paragraphs

24.  Summarize theoretical findings in propositions

25.   Use tables to summarize results or to compare with the literature

26.  Minimize numbered equations

27.   Simplify figures

alarm clock  Conclusion

28.   Summarize the contribution briefly in the conclusion

29.   Discuss policy implications

alarm clock Abstract and Title

30.   Write a provocative abstract

31.   Choose an interesting title

alarm clock References

32.   Minimize references

33.   Include references to authors who are known to like your papers

34.   Delete or hide the references to undesirable potential referees

35.   Cite your own articles

alarm clock Endnotes and Appendix

36.   Put technical, detailed comments in notes

37.   Put long derivations in an extended note or an appendix.

38.   Notes intended for referees should not be in the appendix.

39.   Your paper should not exceed 25 pages

§         You are more likely to make statements that will offend referees.

Copyright ©1998-2002 by E. Kwan Choi