Being a Good Referee

 General Guidelines

Lost the manuscript?

If you do not receive the manuscript

How Does One Become A Referee?

          Here is a brief answer in response to this frequently asked question. If you are well established, you will probably get a fair share of articles to referee. If not, there are two ways to become a referee:

1.      Do it promptly

2.      Be a fair and constructive referee

3.      Do not plagiarize

alarm clock Cover Letter

You can reduce untold amounts of frustration you may impose upon authors and help the profession immensely if your cover letter includes:

4.      Cover letter should be brief, not technical

alarm clock Report

5.      When you write a negative report, avoid citing your own papers

6.      Write more than one paragraph

7.      If there is a new important idea, help the author to publish it

8.      Write something good, something bad

9.      Reports should be based on the ideas in the paper

10.  Avoid pointing out mathematical errors

11.  If it is hopeless, say so, and save the authors from further misery

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