General Publication Strategies

1.      Diversify your research portfolio

2.      Concentrate on one or two fields

3.      Generate one or two papers from your thesis

4.      Maintain a stock of papers under review constantly

5.      Don't put two good ideas in one paper

p(x/2) = 2p(x) + a, where a > 0 and x > 15 pages.

The alpha (a) factor:

6.      Approach different types of journals

7.      Write clearly

8.      Learn word processing skills and master other relevant software programs

9.      Scan current journals

10.   Present papers at conferences before submission

11.   Do not distribute unpublished papers to strangers (at big conferences)

12.   Only the tough get going

13.   Get to know one hundred people active in your field

14.   Maintain contacts

 Articles and Books

15.   A journal article is preferable to a book

Life of a publication

Weight of a publication

16.   A journal article first

alarm clock Collaboration

17.   Cultivate coauthors

Weight of coauthored articles

18.   Make an agreement with coauthors ex ante

19.   Maintain collaboration

20.   Be patient with inactive coauthors

alarm clock Choosing Topics

21.   Do not waste time on dead or dying topics

22.   Do not write papers with breakthrough ideas at first

23.   Extend existing literature

24.   Write something creative

25.   Mix ingredients of other papers

How does one extend the literature? Suppose there are two important papers in the literature,

p1 = {A, B, C, and D}, p2 = {C, D, and E}

where A, B, ... are ingredients.

Let pnew = {A, B, E} be a new paper.

26.   Write on interesting subjects

alarm clock Comments or Notes

27.   Avoid writing comments on other papers

28.   Do not correct small errors others make

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