G lobalization and Labor Markets

, Early Morning

Edited by E. Kwan Choi and David Greenaway.
ISBN 0631224106.
published in December 2000.

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Evolving Patterns of International Trade
James Proudman and Stephan Redding

The Trade and Labor Approaches to Wage Inequality
Jonathan E. Haskel

Trade Liberalization and Technology Choice
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Dynamics of Intra-Industry Trade and Labor Market Adjustment
Marius Brülhart

Marginal Intra-Industry Trade and Labor Adjustment
Mary E. Lovely and Douglas R. Nelson

Swedish Multinationals and Competition from High- and Low-Wage Locations
Henrik Braconier and Karolina Ekholm

The Choice of Structural Model in Trade-Wages Decompositions
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Policy Implications of the Trade and Wages Debate
Alan V. Deardorff

Technical Progress, Price Adjustments and Wages
Ronald Jones

The Effect of International Trade on Labor Demand Elasticities: Intersectoral Matters
Sébastien Jean

Smooth and Sticky Adjustment: A Comparative Analysis of the US and UK
Michelle Haynes, Richard Upward and Peter Wright

Relative Demand for Skills in Swedish Manufacturing: Technology or Trade?
Pär Hansson

Trade and Wages When the Trade Regime is Determined Endogenously
Robin Naylor

Structural Change, Compeition and Job Turnover in the Swedish Manufacturing Industry 1964-96
Lisa Andersson, Ola Gustafsson and Lars Lundberg