E conomic Growth and International Trade

, Drink to Me.

Edited by E. Kwan Choi and Bjarne Jensen

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Alan Deardorff, "Diverging Populations and Endogenous Growth in a Model of Meaningless Trade"

Bjarne S. Jensen and Chunyan Wang, "Basic Stochastic Dynamic Systems of Growth and Trade"

Murray Kemp and Koji Shimomura, "Trade Gains in Chaotic Equilibria"

Henry Y. Wan, Jr. and Jason Weisman, "Hong Kong: The Fragile Economy of Middlemen."

Theo van de Klundert and Sjak Smulders, "Catching-up and Regulation in a Two-Sector Small Open Economy"

Oded Stark and Nancy H. Chau, "Migration under Asymmetric Information and Human Capital Formation"

Kazuo Nishimura and Koji Shimomura, "Chaotic Equilibria in a Small Open Overlapping Generations Economy with Child-Parent Externality"

Hassan Benchekroun, Ngo Van Long and Huilan Tian, "Learning-by-Doing and Strategic Trade Policy"

Michael B. Devereaux, "Real Exchange Rate Trends and Growth: A Model of East Asia"

Kar-yiu Wong and Chong K. Yip, "Industrialization, Economic Growth and International Trade."

Charles Kai Yui Leung, "Income Tax, Property Tax and Tariff in a Small Open Economy"