ASSA Meetings in Atlanta

ASSA Meetings in Atlanta

1 Gene Grossman

2 Henry Thompson, Robert Shelburne

3 Hamid Belad, Satya Das

4 Csaplar

5 Farhad Rassek

6 Andrea Maneschi

7 Clare Carter

8 Dr. and Mrs. Roy Ruffin

9 Luis Rivera-Batiz

10 Barbara Spencer, Roy Ruffin

11 Masao Oda

12 Katayama, Oda

13, Thompson, Katayama, Oda, Maneschi

14 Mario Crucini, Maneschi

15 Listening to Roy's paper

16 Kwan Choi, Joseph
Stigtliz (2001 Nobel Laureate)

17 James Anderson

18 Cemile Yavas

19 Cemile

20 Donald Davis

21 Mary Lovely

22 David Papell

23 Michael Devereux

24 Bent Sorensen

25 Santanu Chaterjee


27 Joseph Joyce

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