This page contains archives of pictures at past conferences.


Asian Crisis 2000
Delphi Conference 2000
Rome Conference 2001
WTO Conference 2001
Shanghai Conference 2001
City University Conference, Hong Kong 2001
International Economics Conference, UC-Santa Cruz 2001
Conference in Honor of Ronald Jones
Food and Security in the Pacific, 2002
Stanford Conference (participants included Michael Boskin and Kenneth Arrow), October 2002.
Kiel Workshop, November 2002
ASSA Meetings in Washington, DC, 2003
WIDER conference, United Nations University, Tokyo, March 2003
EEFS Conference in Bologna, May 2003

International Conference on Recent Advances in International Economics, City University of Hong Kong, August 2003
Sharing Global Prosperity, WIDER, Helsinki, September 2003.
Midwest International Economics Meeting, Indiana University, October 2003.
ASSA Meetings in San Diego, Jan 2004
Midwest International Economics Meeting, May 2004.
EEFS Meeting in Gdansk, May 2004
Three Universities in Japan, June 2004
Political Economy of Aid, HWWA, Hamburg, December 2004

ASSA meetings in Boston, 2006
International Conference on Trade and Industrial Economics, Tamkang University, Taipei, March 2006
EEFS conference, May 2006
All China Economics conference, August 2006
Gyeong Ju conference, December 2006
ASSA meetings in Chicago, 2007
Conference in Memory of Koji Shimomura, November 2007
ASSA, January 2008

Dresden Conference, January 2008
Global Liquidity Conference, Santa Cruz, April 2008

ASSA, January 2009
IEFS-China Inaugural Conference, Beijing, May 2009
Taiwan seminar, August 2009